Stay Tuned! We will be in touch soon to ask what you would like to hear at the Preconference Event in San Diego. 


The following list is an archive of slides and handouts from previous ABCT preconference events. To download the files, click on the Powerpoint or Word icons. If you have presented at a Couples SIG preconference event in the past and would like your materials included, please send them to us.


2013 (Presenter: Drs. Donald Baucom, Frank Fincham, Rick Heyman, Howard Markman, Keith Renshaw, Galena Rhoades, Amy Slep, Scott Stanley, and Kristi Gordon): Securing Grants for Couple-Based Research. Nashville, TN.

2011 (Presenter: Dr. Sue Johnson): A New Era for Couple Therapy: Emotion, Attachment and EFT. Toronto, ON. (A list of research studies and other materials is available on Dr. Johnson's website:

2010 (Presenter: Dr. Ron Rogge): Advances in Measurement. San Fransisco, CA.

2008 (Presenter: Dr. Kristi Coop Gordon): Treating Affair Couples: An Integrative Approach. Orlando, FL.

2007 (Presenter: Dr. Barry McCarthy): An Invitation to Couple Therapists to Become Involved in Sex Therapy and Research. Philadelphia, PA.